Chris Patten


License Number: 781431

I have lived in this community all of my life. I am married with yorkies and teenage girls. My mother and father bought their first home in the area back in the 70s and started their family with my older brother. My parents still live in the community I grew up in and I visit them all the time. I feel lucky to be able to share so many activities like hunting, gardening, house projects, family dinners, and even the occasional campfire in “Pops” backyard.

Growing up in the area, my first job was as a Golf Caddy at Oak Hills Country Club. In the summer, I would mow lawns and I was taught the value of hard work and what it meant to be consistent. I was taught that the best way to have someone call me again or refer me to a friend, was to do a good job the first time. Even if you think you don’t know me, it is very possible our paths have crossed a few times.

After graduating from High School, I joined the military (USAF) and obtained a master’s degree from Wayland Baptist University in Texas. The numerous marketing, computer, and economics classes provided me with an education perfect for the entrepreneurial requirements of being a business owner. I opened my first business in 2012 Tactical Safety Institute/Bracken Guns. Real estate was not my first job after the military/college, but it had always been something I wanted to learn about. I wanted to be an investor myself. I passed my first licensing exams, and I was off and running. After teaming up with my longtime friend (Broker) we opened up Contigo-Realty LLC. I am now a full-time real estate agent looking to find out your real estate needs and exceed your expectations.