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David Ramirez

David Ramirez is a local resident of San Antonio, Texas, United States Army Veteran, and a graduate of the University of Incarnate Word.  David carries over 20 years of Home Mortgage/Credit/Banking lending experience within Corporate America, leading many groups which helped customers across the nation stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure during financial hardship.

Today, with his extensive financial background David leads a national program with a non-profit organization educating Veterans and Service members on the benefits of financial education, providing them with free resources to pursue and achieve their financial goals and ultimately homeownership.

With his overall background David entered the Real Estate profession with the idea to continue to educate customers about the whole home buying process, start to finish, with no hidden agenda and full transparency.  Building on a relationship with each client to ensure they understand all components in managing and keeping their most valuable home investment for years to come and never be in a situation of losing their home.