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Frank Salinas Sr.


License Number: 758999

Frank Salinas Sr. brings his experience as a Construction technology high school teacher and a Civil Service Supervisor prior to joining the Contigo-Realty Team. As an educator/supervisor he learned how to be patient, detail orientated, proactive, and a strong advocate for all individuals.

As your Realtor, Frank will be an advocate for you. Whether you are buying or selling he will work tirelessly to promote your best interests. If you are selling, he will work with you to get you the fairest price in the least amount of time. If you are buying, he will work hard to provide you with the best information and market data to inform and assist you so you can be a well-equipped buyer with the strongest possible negotiating position.

Frank is an open-minded person who values relationships and acts on his decisions and promises. He is accommodative to diverse views and opinions even when they sharply contrast with his own.  He will pursue his life goals and keep relationships through action. Frank is not afraid of change; he is always willing to learn additional skills and knowledge throughout his lifetime.  He enjoys sharing his own experiences with other individuals to make them successful without patronizing them.  He also has many friends since he believes that genuine friendship is highly beneficial to him.  His personality and values enable him to live a fulfilling life. As Frank accomplishes his goals and at the same time lives harmoniously with others including his family.

Frank earned an Associate Degree in History from Palo Alto College and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Texas State University. He also has numerous certifications, training, and awards throughout his career.

As a retired educator and Civil Service employee, Frank genuinely believes that he can share his vast experience and family values with both clients and friends.