Gabby Trevino                                                                 

Escrow Officer

License Number: 2109793

Phone# 210-591-7111
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Gabby’s Story

Gabby is a true escrow extraordinaire and carries an impressive resume in the real estate industry.

Gabby excels in customer care and educating Real Estate Agents and buyers and sellers alike about the escrow process. She holds a fond passion for the field of escrow and still upholds her Certified Escrow Officer designation, partaking in continued escrow education courses to provide her clients with current industry updates. Her proven results in client satisfaction coupled with her knowledge of escrow, is the perfect combination for her career in Business Development.

Her passion for real estate and escrow stays ignited through interactions with her mentors and peers. She values connection, education, and being an active member in the real estate community.

Clients and coworkers alike appreciate Gabby’s unique understanding of the escrow process and her professional communication style. With a personable, straight-forward, and dedicated approach to helping her clients, you can guarantee a successful transaction when working with Gabby.

When she does have some free time, Gabby enjoys exercising her body and mind, attending group workouts and connecting with family and friends.